Photographer: Stéphane Chalmeau, France. All rights reserved.

Your Faberhaus home, step by step

A simple, logical process

1. Choosing the lot

Finding the right site is the very first step. During your search, think carefully about a place in which you could see yourself integrating into the setting. The architecture of your home will depend on the natural surroundings and shape of the land. It would be premature to draw up the plans of your future home before choosing where it will be.

The lay of the land is very important. A good orientation relative to the sun will help reduce heating and air-conditioning costs. Ideally, choose a south orientation for the main façade of the house – free of obstacles like a hill or other building. This is the direction in which your main living areas will face.

2. Harmonizing with the setting (design)

Above all, your home will be designed to reflect your tastes and lifestyle. But remember that the home is not an isolated object in a landscape, whether urban or rural. The house’s footprint, volume and shape will have the effect of modifying the setting. If the construction is successfully integrated, it will enhance the character of the location. Building a quality home involves balancing three interlocking elements: environment, land and construction.

3. The choice of components

The materials we use are high-end, authentic, healthy, durable and designed to harmonize well with the building’s lines and setting. You can choose from an attractive range of doors and windows that are very energy efficient. Also, we can work with you on the choice of ventilation systems and mechanical equipment. This level of planning enables us to construct your home as a unified eco-friendly system that is complete, efficient, comfortable and ideal to live in.

4. Production

Through good planning at the design stage, our prefabricated panels can be produced quickly and easily, since all the details have been thought out and drawn up. With our standardized methods, rigorous control at every step, and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, there is very little risk of error.

5. Construction

Your Faberhaus home can be constructed quickly and efficiently on the building site using elements made at our factory. The prefabricated walls are fully insulated, with windows and exterior siding already installed, ready to be finished on the inside. The home is airtight and water-proof from the moment of installation, and the exterior can be completed in very little time. The interior finish can then be undertaken without any problems.

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