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New Concept - Pavillon Faberhaus


A unique space, conceived to live a life open to nature. A compact, practical and accessible residence combining all the quality of a faberhaus home condensed into a minimal and autonomous space, in perfect harmony with its environment.

Presented in exclusivity at The City and Suburb Home Show
From February, 24-27, Olympic Stadium, Montreal
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Photo credit : Eric Massicotte, photographer

South Side
South Side
East Side
East Side
Kitchen and dining area
Kitchen and dining area
Living room with ethanol fireplace
Living room with ethanol fireplace
Bathroom furniture
Bathroom furniture
South Side
South Side
North Side
North Side
Orientation : Sud
  • South Side
  • East Side
  • Kitchen and dining area
  • Living room with ethanol fireplace
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Bathroom
  • South Side
  • North Side

Straightforward construction and small ecological footprint
95% modular in-factory assembly. Installation on almost any land, on foundation or piling.
Maximum optimization of 32 m2 living ground area.
Minimal impact on the land and environment present.

Does not require any connection with the electrical grid thanks to the use of solar panels and propane.
Energy conservation
Bioclimatic architecture following the principles of passive solar technology.
LED lighting powered by the solar panels.
Hydronic radiant heating (radiant flagstone) supplied by a propane water-heater.
12 v propane refrigerator.

Contemporary design and use of high quality materials
External steel coating and factory-dyed white cedar.
Doors and windows in factory-dyed mahogany or cedar.
Large 3.6 m (12') terrace door installed facing south and offering maximum light. Horizontal windows in the west wall offering a panorama onto the landscape outside. A larch patio.
Polished concrete ground level floor.
Upper floor and ceilings in laminated wood. Polished concrete counters and sinks.
Walnut furniture and cupboards.
Ethanol polished concrete fireplace.
Illuminated polycarbonate division for both lighting and space separation.

A functional living space for the entire family
Upper room can easily accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.
A complete modern and ergonomic kitchen with stove and refrigerator.
Retractable dining table and bench made to fold up; can also transform into a bed for 1 adult or 2 children.
A sofa bed in the living room can accommodate 2 additional adults.
Complete bathroom with a modern glass panel shower.
A west-facing patio large enough to accommodate a BBQ and cook outside.
Can be used in all 4 seasons.


Overhall dimensions (including the terrace)
3,7 m X 7,9 m (12 ft. X 26 ft.)

Ground floor 25 m2 (268 ft2)
Upper floor 10 m2 (108 ft2)
Terrace 7 m2 (74 ft2)
TOTAL: 42 m2 (450 ft2)


Fact sheet - Pavillon Faberhaus

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