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The flexibility of panel construction

Fact sheet - Wall/Roof systems

Faberhaus homes are built using a panel construction process. This method allows us to prefabricate the house, while offering a great deal of flexibility in personalizing your home right from the initial concept. Compared to modular construction, panels allow more options in layout and design.

Faberhaus homes are manufactured in Canada and delivered in factory-finished panels by truck. They are assembled on-site in a very short time by our experienced construction teams.

Prefabrication: your assurance of quality

The use of prefabricated panels guarantees the highest degree of efficiency and quality:

  • At the technical planning stage, all assembly details are carefully considered and drawn up before the components are made.
  • A large part of the home is completed in our workshops, sheltered from adverse weather and under perfectly controlled conditions, before being delivered to the construction site. Wastage is thus considerably reduced.
  • The time spent on the site is also reduced, which means lower labour costs.
  • We apply rigorous quality control standards throughout all stages of production.

Levels of finish

The Faberhaus home is offered in two ways:

  • Option #1 – Basic: exterior is finished; interior is not.
  • Option #2 – Completed: home is finished, inside and out, with all systems in place (ventilation equipment, plumbing, etc.).
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