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An ingenious home that blends into your environment

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Deciding to live in a Faberhaus home means more than just moving to a new address: it’s choosing a home that reflects your lifestyle and values.

Our anti-catalogue approach

Every Faberhaus home is custom-designed, its layout based on the everyday needs of the occupants. We do not build models in advance because we believe every home should be unique. Each Faberhaus project has its own personality, inspired by the occupants and location.

Your Faberhaus home will be designed to blend into its natural setting, on a lot of your choosing. It will be built to optimize the natural elements: for example, maximizing the amount of sunlight and creating an intimate, sunny frontyard. Whether the setting is rural or urban, we’ll build you a home that is ecological, respectful of your environment and more than compliant with Canadian standards.

The design and layout will take account of your lifestyle and needs, to optimize the usability and fluidity of the various spaces. As well as living in a healthy and comfortable home, you’ll benefit from owning an attractive, contemporary property that is original and definitely affordable.

Benefits of a Faberhaus home

European influence, local expertise
Faberca brings to its designs several years of experience in Europe. At the same time, Faberhaus homes are most certainly made for the Canadian climate.

Flexibility in prefabrication
By building with panels, we can personalize the architecture of your house according to your needs.

Closely supervised design
The design and construction of your home are guided by highly detailed architectural specifications with precise objectives, to ensure optimal results.

A stylish home
Boldly contemporary, the Faberhaus home has a distinctive look with its clean lines and open spaces. You’ll be the proud owner of a property that is original in style, uses no imitation products and is free of unnecessary ornamentation.

Reducing the ecological footprint

  • Intelligent positioning of windows and rooms optimizes heat consumption and natural sunlight, thus reducing your energy costs. You’ll enjoy very bright living areas while saving money!
  • Our high building standards mean that you benefit from superior quality insulation. The use of tightly sealed, highly energy-efficient doors and windows adds to the home’s resistance to extreme climatic conditions.
  • We carefully select materials that are high-end, authentic, healthy and durable.

Affordable cost
Well thought out design and advanced-technology prefabrication enable us to build distinctive projects at affordable cost.

The Faberhaus home – in harmony with the environment and your lifestyle

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