Photographer: Stéphane Chalmeau, France. All rights reserved.

Prefabrication allied to contemporary architecture

Faberhaus adheres to very precise architectural principles, ingeniously marrying good design with efficiency and quality prefabrication, for a home that blends perfectly into its setting.

  • Main façade is south oriented at an angle of ±15 degrees.
  • 10-20% of the total living space is glassed on south-facing side to optimize solar energy.
  • A maximum of 4% of total living space is devoted to windows on the other sides (north, east and west facing).
  • Positioning of windows aids natural ventilation in summer
  • An exterior device controls the amount of summer sun reaching the glazing (sunscreen or eaves).
  • Windows and exterior siding prefabricated in the factory.
  • Built on concrete slab (no basement) to eliminate risks of mould and mildew (these dark, damp rooms are not ideal).
  • Areas of possible future expansion designed into the plan.
  • Exterior finishing materials non-imitative and approved by Faberca.

And we favour contemporary architectural lines:

  • Flat roofs and roof terraces
  • Part of house on stilts
  • Open floor plan with few load-bearing walls or partitions
  • Extended windows
  • Free façades
  • No unnecessary ornamentation
  • Clean lines
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